Nothin' to lose / Love theme from KISS18.2.1974
Kissin' time / Nothin' to lose10.5.1974
Strutter / 100,000 years10.8.1974
Let me go, rock 'n' roll / Hotter than hell22.10.1974
Rock and roll all nite / Getaway2.4.1975
C'mon and love me / Getaway10.7.1975
Rock and roll all nite (live) / Rock and roll all nite14.10.1975
Shout it out loud / Sweet pain1.3.1976
Flaming youth / God of thunder30.4.1976
Detroit rock city (edit) / Beth28.7.1976
Beth / Detroit rock city (edit)8.1976
Hard luck woman / Mr. Speed1.11.1976
Calling Dr. Love / Take me13.2.1977
Christine sixteen / Shock me1.6.1977
Love gun / I stole your love31.7.1977
Then she kissed me / Almost human9.1977
Shout it out loud (live) / Nothin' to lose (live)14.10.1977
Rocket ride (edit) / Tomorrow and tonight (live)22.2.1978
Strutter '78 (alternate version) / Shock me2.4.1978
I was made for lovin' you (edit) / Hard times20.5.1979
Sure know something / Dirty livin'30.9.1979
Shandi / She's so European1.6.1980
Talk to me / Naked city24.8.1980
Tomorrow / Naked city1.11.1980
A world without heroes / Dark light17.11.1981
I / The oath17.11.1981
I love it loud / Creatures of the night13.10.1982
Killer / I love it loud1.11.1982
Creatures of the night / Rock and roll all nite (live)4.1983
Lick it up / Dance all over your face18.9.1983
All hell's breakin' loose (edit) / Not for the innocent6.2.1984
Heaven's on fire / Lonely is the hunter19.9.1984
Thrills in the night (edit) / Burn bitch burn13.1.1985
Tears are falling / Anyway you slice it16.9.1985
Crazy crazy nights / No, no, no18.8.1987
Reason to live / Thief in the night1.11.1987
Turn on the night / Hell or high water27.2.1988
Let's put the 'X' in sex / Calling Dr. Love (remix)11.10.1988
(You make me) rock hard / Strutter (remix)3.3.1989
Hide your heart / Betrayed17.10.1989
Forever (remix) / The street giveth & the street taketh away5.1.1990
Rise to it (remix) / Silver spoon1.4.1990
God gave rock 'n' roll to you II (edit and album version)22.8.1991
Unholy / God gave rock 'n' roll to you II4.5.1992
Domino (radio edit) / Carr jam 19811992
I just wanna (radio eq) / I just wanna1992
Every time I look at you / Partners in crime (remix)1992
I love it loud (live) / Unholy (live)8.5.1993
Rock and roll all night (unplugged) / Every time I look at you (unplugged)1996
Jungle (radio edit) / Jungle (album version)1997
Psycho circus / Into the void31.7.1998
We are one (radio edit) / Psycho circus (radio edit)1998
I finally found my way1998
You wanted the best23.11.1998
Modern day Delilah19.8.2009
Say yeah8.12.2009
Never enough11.6.2010
Hell or hallelujah2.7.2012
Long way down23.10.2012


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