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KISS was formed in January 1973, and thus it has existed for almost 50 years. All kinds of things have happened during these years.
KISS's line-up has changed several times during its existence. Some of the line-ups have performed without masks.
KISS's discoraphy is large and musically diverse. 20 full-length studio albums have been released so far. If the 1978 solo albums are included, the number increases by four.
KISS has been touring since 1973, and KISS's probably last tour "End of the Road World Tour" is going on right now.
Random record
KISS symphony - Alive IV

Label: KISS records / Sanctuary Records
Producer(s): Mark Opitz
Recorded: Melbourne, Australia, 28 February 2003
Released: 22 July 2003
Cover art: t42design

Did you know?

Gene speaks also Hungarian, German and Hebrew.

Random quote

What it comes down to is, KISS has always been a beast that has this tendency to run wild, and it needs attention and nurturing. If people are always running off and doing other projects, which has been the case, somebody has to be there for stability.

- Paul Stanley

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